"Family Vacation Destination . . .                   like Paradise?"
The Fantastic Philippines has 7,107 islands around the archipelago, come visit and there is always one ready for you! You will become addicted to the sunshine, smile and laughter and the world class beaches if you come over to this best kept secret in the world. 

Which island would you like to visit?
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experience the tropical paradise.

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Potipot Island, Zambalez, PhilippinesPotipot Island, Zambalez, Philippines

Make the Islands of the Philippines the next destination for your family vacation.
The Philippines is composed of 7,107 Islands during low tide and 7,100 Islands during high tide. Just pick which Island you would want to go to

We will help you through our personal information and our experiences of the places we went to. We can assure you that every island has its own story and we are sure there is one for you!

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"I counted the days though I was reasonably happy where I was until I got back to what I consider my paradise. You too, will become addicted to the sunshine, smile and laughter if you come over to this best kept secret in the world, or it was until the Internet gave people access to information about the joys and wonder of living in the Philippines. Filipinos are too shy to promote their “poor” country (so to speak), to me the richest in the world because of the Filipino people, the beauty of them and their culture of happiness, sharing and love."
- livinginthephilippines website

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One of the vanishing islands in the Philippines . . .

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